Thank You Heartbreak with Chelsea Leigh Trescott

218: Lazy Loving with Lil Sebby

November 03, 2021 Chelsea Leigh Trescott
Thank You Heartbreak with Chelsea Leigh Trescott
218: Lazy Loving with Lil Sebby
Show Notes

“That’s literally what it is,” today’s guest recording artist Lil Sebby tells Chelsea 57:25 minutes in, "lazy loving. You’re not fully committed. You’re not ready to ride throughout the ups and downs. And there are going to be down times. It’s inevitable. It’s never just going to be perfect. But once it’s not as fun anymore, they dip. They just dip. Ghost culture.”


2:35 — I don’t even know if I should be comfortable being close to you. I’m just looking at you from a distance. You could have COVID. The trust for a common human being was gone.

5:11 — You know how people say, start before you’re ready? The next big shift I need to make is, start before I know. Start before knowing whether it is going to resonate or go in your favor.

10:15 — You should never stop because you're not making money. Money is just the cherry on top of the cake. The passion is the cake.

15:40 — Late in my twenties, I started to see that there was always something beautiful about everyone I looked at. I realized that most everyone we pass on the street has been loved before and I started to get curious about that. Someone has loved them, I wonder why.

21:30 — Depending on Adderall to give us a false sense of interest in our lives.

29:15 — Sometimes you don’t really connect or click with someone when you want to. You may see they have their own thing going on outside of you that comes into play. And it shows, it radiates off them. They aren’t ready for love and you don’t want to force that.

33:10 — I would never change who you are for nobody. Because when you’re changing who you are for somebody else, are you truly happy or are you trying to impress and having to hold back? Because, then, you’re in your head and that’s the worst place to be.

43:20  — Girls won’t even give dudes a shot these days.

59 — We don’t need fans. We need believers. We need partners who believe in us.

1:08:40 — I feel like if you want something, you can get there and get rejected but at least you tried and took the time to get there rather than not going to figure it out. You fail by not trying. You succeeded by trying. So, either way, you win. 

1:16:00 — I’m more litty than ever. We’re having a lit experience right now because we’re expressing ourselves. 


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